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Pigger Cream

Pigger Cream

Liquid prestarter for piglets

Type: Liquid

Ready-to-use liquid prestarter ensures better intake of solid feed

The more solid feed a piglet already disgested before weaning, the better its performance after weaning. Therefore it is very important to encourage neonatal piglets to eat as soon as possible, with also keeping animal and gut health in mind. A smooth transition from milk towards solid feed via an intermediate step of liquid feed could help piglets in the process learning to eat solid feed well.    

PIGGER CREAM is a ready-to-use liquid prestarter that ensures a high intake of dry matter before weaning, promoting the development of the digestion system and improving gut health. Due to its high content of protein and the selection of only high-quality dairy ingredients, PIGGER CREAM is a complete and tasty prestarter feed.

The easy-to-use bag-in-box packaging ensures an optimal conservation of the product so the farmer always could easily tap fresh product that could be given to the piglets right away without stirring or mixing. So, the PIGGER CREAM concept could save a lot of expensive labour.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


  • Easy-to-use without stirring for better work ease

  • Quick learning to eat ensures higher DM intake before weaning

  • Better preparation for weaning