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Glyco Trans

Glyco Trans

Prevention milk fever

Type: Liquid

Calcium metabolism is crucial around calving

Around calving high-yielding, mainly multiparous, cows are suffering milk fever due to an acute shortage of calcium. Requirements are increasing very fast due to onset of milk production, while Ca-mobilization in the body can't keep up. Therefore milk fever the first day after calving could cause fever, lower appetite and problems with walking which could induce other secondary metabolic problems and lower milk production.   

To avoid this, it is very important to activate the Ca-metabolism already in the weeks pre-partum. This ensures that at calving more Ca is available for the cow. The addition of anionic salts will lower the DCAB of the ration of the dry cow. This lowers blood pH, a successful strategy in preventing milk fever.

Next to that also cow's energy requirements are increasing the last weeks pre-partum, while feed intake decreases, inducing a higher risk of ketosis.

GLYCO TRANS is a tasteful and very easily used liquid supplement for dry cows with a deep negative DCAB preventing milk fever. Provides also extra energy and liver protectors lowering the risk of ketosis.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


  • Tasty and easy-to-use

  • Simple measure with big effect 

  • Prevention of milk fever and other secondary disorders

  • Higher milk production