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Clinofix AD rumen

Clinofix AD rumen

Rumen stabilisator

Type: Solid

Stabilising rumen functioning for better digestion

Rumen flora are the most important part of ruminant digestion. So, problems in rumen functioning result rapidly in secondary disorders and lower animal performance. These rumen bacterie operate best under well specified circumstances in the rumen. However, several things as rumen acidosis, oversupply of nitrogen or presence of toxins could alter rumen efficiency.     

Due to its unique molecular structure, CLINOFIX AD has specific stabilizing and buffering characteristics in the rumen by ensuring a more stable and favouring environment for rumen microflora. This results in better rumen operation and higher animal performance.                                                                                                                                                   


  • Better rumen functioning and digestion due to stable rumen environment

  • Higher milk productio, better growth

  • Better fertility and overall health

  • Maximizing feed efficiency