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Clinofix AD pigs

Clinofix AD pigs

Pure clay mineral

Type: Solid

Activated and purified clinoptilolite

Clinoptilolite is a clay mineral known for its specific strong bindings capacities due to its electrical charged clay particles in a typical honeycomb structure, acting as molecular sieve. These unique properties ensure some specific components are reversibly exchanged with CLINOFIX AD, while nutrients stay available.   

CLINOFIX AD is a technical pure and activated clinoptilolite without any impurities.

Due to its specific structure, CLINOFIX AD will bind (myco)toxins and ammonia in the feed and digestive tract. This results in better intestinal health, better feacal consistency and less ammonia odor. Capturing these negative components will increase digestion and animal performance and fertility.                                                                                                                     


  • Technically very pure

  • Binding of undesired components in feed and intestines 

  • Better digestion and higher animal performace

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