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Silage inoculant

Type: Solid

High-quality roughages as basis for good results

Roughages are the basis of each ruminant diet. Unfortunately, the quality of roughages varies strongly, depending on harvest settings and silage management. Therefore, maximizing own forage quality helps farmers to use is as efficient as possible. Next, good silage is more tasteful which increases animal intake.

BONSILAGE is a product range of qualitative silage inoculants for all kinds of forages. Due to strict selection of homofermentative and heterofermentative bacterial cultures, silages are conserved rapidly after ensiling but also protected against spoilage during usage. This ensures a more stable silage and better conservation of the feed. 

Silages treated with BONSILAGE contain more acids and have better aerobic stability. This guarantees your animals always get very tasteful forage with maximum feed value. Finally, BONSILAGE ensures a better growth or milk production with the same amount of forages.                                                                                                                                                                  


  • Easy to use on harvester while ensiling

  • Rapid conservation and better preservation of forages

  • Maximal retaining of taste and feed value

  • Better animal performance by higher feed efficieny

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