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High-quality piglet milk

Type: Solid

High-quality milk for better piglets

Due to increasing litter sizes, sows could not always produce enough milk to nurse all her piglets in the right way. Feeding of milk during the first days of life is necassary to support neonatal piglets in their first development and growth.

BIRTHRIGHT is a very high-quality milk powder developed to meet all needs of neonatal piglets. Thanks to the unique Life Advantage protein technology, piglets could beter digest the protein added to BIRTHRIGHT. This ensures better feed conversion and lowers the risk of diarrhea. BIRTHRIGHT supports the development of the digestive system, so piglets can eat solid feed as fast as possible.   

Due to its specific composition of high-quality dairy ingredients and its unique production technology, BIRTHRIGHT is very suitable to use in (automatic) nursery systems.                                                                                                                                              


  • Very good digestibility by high-quality ingredients

  • Perfect support for good intestinal health

  • Suitable for (automatic) nursery systems